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Do you want to experience the absolute joy of an Italian grape stomp, hiking the Inca Trail, cruising the Danube, or soaring over the Serengeti with your best friends, but trying to research and plan the adventure is crushing your enjoyment?





Do you dream of going on the next great adventure with your friends, but coping with the details and organization involved is mind numbing?



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Does your "taking the final exam" nightmare involve your group arriving at the airport without proper visas? Or arriving at your hotel, but your reservations are for the following day and the hotel is sold-out?



Seven Wonders Group Travel

We manage the details -- you experience the details!

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What our fans say:

“My wife and our friends wanted to go to Peru to see Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest. We had eight people with eight different ideas of what we wanted to do. I was not as excited about the trip as the rest of the group, but agreed to go.

Terri did a fantastic job planning and organizing our vacation to Peru. From being met at the airports, getting checked into our hotels, amazing guides for the tours, and plenty of time just to wander on our own. She put together an amazing itinerary that incorporated all the parts we wanted (Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Amazon Rainforest), plus even managed days when we went different ways - some wanted to hike the trail and some preferred the train. She separated and joined us all back together again without any hiccups or down time.

After the trip was over, I was and still am glad I went.

Great job – I’m not sure we’d all still be friends if we’d tried to put this together ourselves!”
— Greg K
“Terri did an amazing job organizing and managing our dance group cruise. In addition to pre/post hotel and transportation needs, our group of ballroom dancers required space for dance lessons and classes, dance parties, and a number of private activities. She arranged the time and venues for the lessons and dances, planned the parties, and organized the activities for the group – all during sea days and in between the onboard cruise activities.
The whole week went smoothly, without a hitch, and was very well thought out and planned.”
— Asako P