Expert  Travel Planning and Management Services for Groups

Do you and your friends want to take the vacation of a lifetime together, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of planning and organizing it?


Let Seven Wonders Group Travel take care of you. We provide:

Expert Planning Services – Personal consultation to determine your group’s needs, wants, and desires.  We’ll custom design an itinerary that meets the special requirements of your group. We’ll do the research, recommend the best hotels for your budget, review the sites and attractions that will most appeal to your group.

Expert Organization – We’ll keep track of deposits, final payments, reservations, visa and passport requirements,

Expert care – We’ll inform you of immunization requirements, packing suggestions. We’ll arrange for local guides, transportation, admissions, and reservations. We’ll keep you up to date.

We’ll save you time – do you really want to spend your days on the internet doing research?

We’ll provide the best value - we know the best times to visit different destinations, the best places to stay to meet your budget, the best tips and tricks when you arrive.

For example, did you know that purchasing Vatican tour tickets in advance will cost you less, guarantee you entrance on busy days, AND you won’t have to stand in line when you arrive?

Just one example of how Seven Wonders Group Travel saves you time and provides great value.

  • Reunions/Anniversaries
  • Special Celebrations
  • Social Clubs
  • Social Organizations
  • Sports Organizations
  • Fundraisers

Call 888-429-1929 or email today to schedule an initial, complimentary consultation. We’ll get started on the planning – you get started on the packing!